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GoSimplo ApS - Terms of Service
GoSimplo ApS - Terms of Service

Version valid from January 26th, 2022

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1. Preamble

1.1 These Terms & Conditions shall apply to GoSimplo ApS' ("GoSimplo"), Danish public 41221208, delivery of reporting/dashboard software services ("Service"). The Service shall be delivered to business customers only.

1.2 By ordering the Service, the customer ("Subscriber") accepts the Terms & Conditions which will apply to the use of the Service with no time limit. Terms & Conditions apply in full, unless otherwise stated in written agreement between GoSimplo and the Subscriber.

1.3 A Subscriber can on an ongoing basis register one or more Users of GoSimplo. Either without administrator privileges or with (the latter hereafter referred to as "Administrators").

1.4 Changes to existing Terms and Conditions, which cannot be characterized as purely editorial, shall be given to all Subscribers on email with 60 days notice. Emails will be sent to all Administrators of the single Subscriber. It is the sole responsibility of any registrered User of GoSimplo to supply their at any time valid email address. Any message, notice, or similar from GoSimplo sent to the, by the User supplied email address, has the same legal effect as if they were sent by regular mail.

2. GoSimplo's Service

2.1 GoSimplo delivers a web-based service that allows Subscribers to report and analyze business data – optionally including measuring performance against pre-defined targets. GoSimplo's Service is delivered as described on GoSimplo's website with the modifications described in the order confirmation, should one be issued.

2.2 GoSimplo's Service is in constant development and the Service is provided in current version of the system at any given point in time.

2.3 GoSimplo aims to deliver the Service continuously without significant interruptions or delays, however, GoSimplo does not warrant a specific uptime for the Service. In case of error, failure, or interruption of the Service, GoSimplo shall initiate remedy within reasonable time. The Subscriber shall assist GoSimplo's efforts to a reasonable extent.

2.4 GoSimplo's Service is for the sole use of the Subscriber. The Subscriber is not entitled to make the Service available to any third parties.

3. Pricing and Payment

3.1 GoSimplo offers 14 days free trial. After end of trial period, system can be accessed by signing up to one of the three price plans (Basic, Advanced, or Pro).

3.2 For Subscribers registered in Denmark, current VAT rate applicable will be added to all prices stated on either email, website, or within the application.

3.3 Subject to Subscribers own choice, price plans are invoiced either monthly or yearly in advance and automatically renew every month/year until terminated by Subscriber.

3.4 Price plans can be unsubscribed at any point in time with effect per next renewal date without losing access to any features in the paid for price plan.

3.5 Only accepted payment method is credit card.

3.6 Failure to execute payment via credit card will remove access to dashboards, until successful execution.

3.7 With 60 days’ notice, GoSimplo reserves the right to adjust prices of price plans for future periods not already paid for. Such notice will be sent to the one email address supplied by Subscriber in GoSimplo's Billing settings.

3.8 In general, all billing related messages and documents will only be sent to the one email address supplied by Subscriber in GoSimplo's Billing settings.

4. Subscriber's Obligations

4.1 It is the sole responsibility of the Subscriber to ensure that the Subscriber's use of the Service and the Subscriber's own systems are in compliance with (i) the Subscriber's internal guidelines, (ii) local legislation including local privacy laws, and (iii) customary and reasonable security procedures for the protection of systems and data.

5. Liability

5.1 GoSimplo is liable for acts or omissions under Danish law concerning damages. GoSimplo shall not be held responsible for indirect losses, including operating losses, loss of profits, loss of turnover or similar.

5.2 GoSimplo shall not be held responsible for loss or alteration of the data received or transmitted from the Subscriber nor shall GoSimplo be held responsible for loss due to unauthorized access to the Subscriber's data and/or systems except to the extend that GoSimplo's negligence caused such loss, alteration of the data or unauthorised access.

6. Duration of the Service

6.1 Subscriber can stop the Service at any point in time with no notice period. The only way to do this is by deleting the account from within GoSimplo's interface. Effects of deleting are:

  1. Service will become unavailable to all users instantly

  2. Prepaid Premium features will not be refunded

  3. All data in GoSimplo will be instantly and completely deleted

  4. The will be no access to copies of invoices issued by GoSimplo in the past

6.2 GoSimplo is entitled to notify Subscriber about termination of Service with 3 months notice. Notification will be sent to all Administrators of Subscriber. Any payments for periods beyond ultimate termination date will be refunded.

7. Aggregation of data

7.1 GoSimplo is entitled to collect anonymized performance data from Subscribers to be used for statistical, benchmarking, and analytical purposes.

8. Primary Language, Venue and Choice of Law

8.1 Any disputes and discrepancies will be decided exclusively by the ordinary Danish courts and in pursuance of Danish law, except for the Danish rules concerning choice of law. The venue for any dispute or discrepancies shall be the City Court of Copenhagen, Denmark.

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